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Health and Taste

Irem Gıda, with professional production awareness and with professional team of present conditions invets in information, education, research and develops production to be made on information and technology basis and provides productivity growth.

Irem Gıda provides wide range of products with its produced baked products to the customers. Our company being in the leader position in Turkey with the production of lavash, phyllo dough and other baked products, also produces special alternatives according to the needs of customers. Plants being in Sungurlu make production with the highest installed capacity in Turkey and this production is entirely controlled by expert technical staffs and with high technology. Quality production is provided with many processes from the approval of first products to ultimate situation of products.

Customers’ needs are followed by regularly controlling products after the production and speedy logistic services are given to customers in products transportation.


Irem Gıda aims to provide services and products produced by high technology with modern methods, to be different with continuing development goal and to extend by providing continuance in quality. Our Company applies ISO 9001, BRC and TSE quality standards with its professional team in its baked products production plants and keeps up quality in products and continues to ramp up.


easy tastes
easy tastes

We have prepared the practical and delicious recipes you can prepare with Lavalia İrem...